Arnold & Henderson

Arnold & Henderson

Effortlessly cool, Arnold & Henderson continue to define Shoreditch chic. Their identity and website are intentionally simple to reflect core values regarding cooking and hospitality.

Although Times New Roman and Times are very similar, various differences were developed between the versions marketed by Linotype and Monotype when the master fonts were transferred from metal to photo and digital media.

Small caps are short capital letters designed to blend with lowercase text. They’re usually slightly taller than lowercase letters. They look great and they’re very useful as an alternative to bold or italic or all caps. Most people have never seen real small caps. They’ve only seen the ersatz small caps that word processors generate when small-cap formatting is selected. Use real small caps; avoid fakes!

A simple character to use as a favicon on browser tab or debossed mark in print. The mark could also be used on web page footer.

Type & device – we think the dotted line adds support to an otherwise solitary logotype. Japanese dots would feel more refined.

We also shot a simple B&W movie to help customers find the entrance, and enjoy the idiosyncrasies of people passing by.
Music: Chopin Ballade No. 1 in G Minor, Op. 23

Daily menus let locals and regulars know whats for lunch.

Sample menu PDFs.

Map graphic