• HED remit

    HED is a brand and digital design agency that produces graphic design, websites and online positioning for design aware businesses.
    We build effective brand communication through research, design development, creative content and ongoing support.

  • Arnold and Henderson, Rochelle Canteen

    Arnold & Henderson

    Melanie Arnold and Margot Henderson serve classic contemporary food in an elegant setting. Clever simplicity is intrinsic to their cooking and is part of their charm and aesthetic – we’ve tried to capture this in a simple and clean responsive website.

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  • Art Tours

    Art Tours

    Art Tours provides a carefully curated service for culturally informed clients – their Drupal website has custom modules and extensive content that helps customers understand their bespoke offering, it also generates valuable enquiries.

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  • Basil's Bar Mustique

    Basil’s Bar

    This website is a true representation of the newly refurbished famous Caribbean party venue. Type and content were kept loose to maintain a beach bar vibe whilst graphics were drawn from old signage to connect with it’s heritage.

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  • The Cotton House Mustique

    Cotton House

    Calm elegance defines Mustique’s hotel. Intentionally, the site feels slightly analogue – this befits the relaxed style enjoyed by guests and communicates classic/ contemporary island hospitality.

    Visit cottonhouse.net

  • Adam Richards Architects

    Adam Richards

    “ARA’s approach has been to transform the deeper cultural themes within its projects into engaging critical, spatial, social and structural propositions.” Their website has been designed to reflect this through layout and user experience, in some ways intentionally analogue.

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  • Jinny Blom Landscape

    Jinny Blom

    An award winning landscape, building and garden design practice that also makes beautiful books and art installations. The bespoke HTML and CSS has been designed to create a perfect responsive frontend that befits Jinny’s art practice. The site is built on the Perch framework. Branding by Here.

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  • Artist Keith Coventry

    Keith Coventry

    Working closely with Keith and Pace Gallery we borrowed online identity from one of his catalogues to translate his art practice to a simple but precise online portfolio. The result is a bespoke responsive website that echos his visual language and quality art.

    View project    Visit keithcoventry.com

  • Hepple Gin

    Hepple Gin

    For Moorland Spirit’s award winning gin we created twelve handmade tasting kits made from douglas fir. Each box included reagent bottles and tasting mats with type, diagrams and symbols to communicate the gin’s unique distilling processes and ingredients.

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  • The Tryall Club, Jamaica

    The Tryall Club

    We renewed Tryall’s identity to create a coherent typography using Perpetua and Avenir, this helped elevate the brand and consolidate online identity. The hummingbird mark was redrawn and design guidelines were provided to keep everything on track. We also rebuilt the site in WordPress making property galleries and page content easier to manage. The custom coded responsive theme retains a classic contemporary look & feel to communicate Tryall’s offering to their target audience.

    Visit tryallclub.com

  • Alexski Gloves

    Alexski Gloves

    Exquisite ski gloves made with the finest materials for the luxury skier. The simplicity and honesty of the collection informed a super simple, highly responsive Shopify site for Alexski’s target audience. We also designed and managed a highly effective Instagram ad campaign that reached 108,882 people.

    Visit alexski.com

  • Diane Kordas Jewellery

    Diane Kordas Jewellery

    Timeless, chic, casual jewellery requires a clean, legible and easy-to-use Shopify site to communicate brand values and help manage the online purchase decision. The handcoded homepage helps connect the brand with fashion editorial whilst custom functionality allows the sale of ‘make to order’ products.

    Visit dianekordasjewellery.com

  • Paul Fryer Artist

    Paul Fryer

    He is an artist who employs scientific electronics and sculpture to create site specific installations. The site is faithful interpretation of Paul’s irreverant art practice with expanding naviagtion type, random image layout and responsive slideshows.

    Visit paulfryer.net