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HED, West London (hedstudio)
Graphic design, website development and online positioning for design aware businesses. We create relevant and unique online presence with carefully considered UI, layout, typography, code and content design. See our work
Website design, development and online positioning for design aware businesses. We help create unique online presence with bespoke development and on-brand content design. Here is a selection of our work
Jinny Blom - Hedstudio

Jinny Blom is an award winning landscape, building and garden design practice that also publishes makes books and art installations. The bespoke HTML and CSS has been designed to create a perfect responsive frontend that befits Jinny's art practice. The site is built on the Perch framework. Branding by Here.
Visit jinnyblom.com

Art Tours - Hedstudio

Art Tours provides a well curated, intelligent service for culturally informed clients – one of the best tour companies in the world. Their bespoke Drupal website has custom modules that help customers understand the experiences they deliver and manage expectations. Visit arttoursltd.com

Sunshine Bertrand - Hedstudio

Simple elegance frames Sunshine Bertrand's eyewear design portfolio website. The scalable slideshow with intuitive controls allows user to scroll the homepage on mobile. Logotype and peace sign SVG graphics used to look sharp on retina screens whilst everything was done to make this small site as search engine compliant as possible.
See layouts Visit sunshinebertrand.com

Diane Kordas Jewellery - Hedstudio

Super cool contemporary jewellery designer Diane Kordas asked us to reposition the brand online. The website had to be easy to update, responsive and unique. Shopify provided the perfect platform to build a site that is coherent with her design language and highly usable for her customers. A joint design effort with focus on type and image.
See layouts Visit dianekordasjewellery.com

Keith Coventry artist - Hedstudio

Translating Keith Coventry's sometimes subversive art practice to a website took some consideration. Working closely with Keith and Pace Gallery we borrowed his online identity from one of his catalogues which references his analogue world nicley. The result is a responsive website that faithfully reflects his high value and unique artist.
See layouts Visit keithcoventry.com

Clifton Fourth - Hedstudio

Clifton Fourth sells high quality espadrilles and panama hats. Working with the Shopify platform we expanded an existing theme to create a unique online presence. This includes all the trusted functionality you get from Shopify Admin.
See layouts Visit cliftonfourth.com

Oliver Brown - Hedstudio

Working with Oliver Brown's existing Magento website we improved online identity by cleaning up their logotype and aligning site structure and layout with the style of their business. A new homepage layout was designed to accommodate inspiring lifestyle photography whilst product pages were formatted to better manage purchase decisions.
See layouts Visit oliverbrown.org.uk

Post Box Gallery - Hedstudio

For Post Box Gallery we designed logotype and stationary. The website has a custom admin that allows management of exhibition content and has a private login area for selected buyers. Developed mostly using PHP and Javascript built on the Code Igniter framework.
See layouts Visit postboxgallery.com

Artist Paul Fryer - Hedstudio

Bespoke coding gave us the flexibility required to help communicate the world of Paul Fryer to the web in a fitting and interesting way. Size, sequence and margin values of images on the homepage randomise to create a unique layout with each visit. Logo and navigation type is squashed up to be illegible until user hovers over to convey a sense performance. These interactive devices help underpin Paul's irreverent art practice. The custom coded admin allows for easy maintenance and sequencing of all content including embedded of Vimeo movies.
See layouts Visit paulfryer.net

Menlo Park Music - Hedstudio

We worked with music for ads powerhouse Menlo Park Music to create their identity and bespoke website. A simple portfolio site that allows upload of thumbnails and embedding of Vimeo movies, it's all about the content - checkout Heineken The Chase
See layouts Visit menloparkmusic.com

The Beach House Mustique - Hedstudio

We believe this to be one of the most beautiful houses on the island of Mustique. The Beach House has many exciting features including a funicular railway that takes guests down to the sea. Competition for villa rentals is high so we built a site that is highly engaging and SEO compliant. This involved embedded link sections that are easily set-up and managed via custom admin tools.
See layouts Visit thebeachhouse-mustique.com

Mustique Island - Hedstudio

The island of Mustique is an elegant oasis where simplicity meets luxury. Responsive layout design and content draw upon these values in an unpretentious and simple way. The bespoke, intuitive Admin Tool has been developed to accommodate the custom front-end design. This allows The Mustique Company to edit villa details easily. A classic contemporary style and format was developed to fit the page layout whilst usability, navigation and search functions have been pared down, encouraging users to explore freely.
See layouts Visit mustique-island.com

Deliciously Ella - Hedstudio

We designed and developed original identity, WordPress blog and mobile apps for health food brand Deliciously Ella. A simple framework and user experience was built to contain Ella's photography and inspiring recipes. Hugely popular and on trend, the iOS app shot to No.1 within two months of launch.
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